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Our Future Church on Arrowhead Road

We are looking for your input on our new church design. The members of our Project Steering Committee are gathering information now. Have something to share with one of the members? Click on the email link next to their name and share your thoughts with the appropriate member.

John Paulson

Recreation/Leisure and Library/Media Center

Linda Strom

Adult Education, Senior Adults, and Fellowship and Food Service

Cassy Eider

Church Offices and Youth Education and Fellowship

Jonathan Fure

Music Facilities and Special Events

Toni Blomdahl

Sanctuary/Foyer and Nursery/Preschool/Children Education

Our Future Church
Our Future Church

We want your input, but not in passing in the hallway. Please email us, so we can keep track of all your brilliant ideas!

Not an email person? Write it down and hand it to us on Sunday!