Connect Groups

Our Vision

We love having you here on Sunday mornings for worship but
we know that for us to grow in our Christian walk, we need to
meet with, eat with, get to know, pray with, study with, maybe
disagree with and fellowship with other Christians!
So, we encourage everyone to be part of a Bible study, prayer
group or Connect Group. Connect Groups are just one option
for getting to know people here at DGT. We also offer studies
during the week, and you can find them listed in our bulletin.
At Connect Groups, you usually eat, have good Christian
fellowship, a time to discuss, a time to ask questions and a time
to share needs and pray for each other.

Our Mission

To help people Connect to God, Connect to One Another, and Connect to the World.

Our Passion

The Christian church was born and nurtured through small groups. It was there that people’s lives were transformed and the church grew. We want to continue this pattern as described in Acts 2:42-47: To build community through small groups one devoted follower at a time!

Welcome to Connect Groups

Who meets?

Singles, couples, families, men and women

Where do you meet?

Various homes or at church

When do we meet?

Scheduled home groups are on the 4th Sunday of the month.
And other times, as indicated by your specific connect group